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It’s not about money. It’s about connecting.

I moved from the city I loved to a small town. I needed a connection to compensate for my feeling of isolation. I listened to podcasts while I worked from home, tuning in daily to my favorite podcasters. I didn’t feel alone. The late Stewart McLean made me laugh and I am in awe of his delivery. I launched my own podcast. My research told me to “jump in, don’t wait, iron out details later.” I learned about hosting sites and editing and recording equipment. And just like when marketing a book, I was to identify my audience. I became comfortable with the sound of my own voice and I launched JCVArtStudio From the Dressing Room. In my first podcast episode I discussed setting the scene in a novel.

The concept of my podcast was to invite authors and artists to visit my virtual dressing room and discuss their latest novel, or art piece--a dress rehearsal, before heading out on a book tour or art show.

The edited podcast I publish once a week is the prize after a lot of work. I book authors months in advance, and I read their novels and come up with tailored questions. Imagine my surprise when I was introduced to Lila King, a podcaster from Texas, who is an author and the brainchild behind her podcast Love Like a Mama. Lila recorded me on her podcast last Monday. It was different being on the other end of the mic. Lila is a great podcaster and made me feel at home. As soon as I hear details on when that podcast will be released I'll let you know!

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